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Onboard - Sleeping Onboard


Family groups enjoy a comfortable bunk and storage space below deck, however, our Scout trips typcially involve larger groups and therefore since it's typically hot and humid in the evenings it's much more comfortable to sleep on deck, weather permitting. Nighttime temperatures only fall by a few degrees! However, all our sailboats have sufficient space for your crew below deck if it rains. If leaders prefer, there's a bunk available for them. Rest assured, sleeping on deck will be one of the most memorable features of your trip, it's not only more pleasant due to the cooling breeze but you can drift off to sleep gazing up at the spectacular night sky as the sailboat gently rocks on the anchor. Here's what one leader had to say:

"Some of our scouts had expressed concerns with the idea of sleeping on deck, but they found it to be a pleasant experience, two of them were startled one night by the sound of dolphins surfacing by the boat, something we've never had happen at any of our land based camps."

-Ken Brighton, Group Leader, Troop 229. Deerfield Beach. FL.

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