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Onboard - Food & Menu Options


We provide an awesome variety of good food and plenty for everyone and our provisioning is trip specific so if you are taking part in our family based trips you will have a different set of menu options than Scouts enjoy on their trip. There will be as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, including fish from a local market. Check out the Testimonials page to see what previous crews thought of our menu options. All provisions will be onboard when you arrive but let us know if there is anything you want us to provide before you arrive.

We provide water, ice whenever it's available, and other beverages such as tea, coffee, iced tea, orange or grapefruit juice, lemonade and Gatorade/Tang. We don't provide sodas and although you're welcome to bring them for your group we don't allow them onboard on Scout trips, however, everyone can buy sodas when they go on a shore trip each day.

Your Captain will guide you through every aspect of 'living onboard' and keep you supplied with everything you need, however, on a sailboat there are some limitations, for example, the fridge can only carry so much ice, there's limited storage space and cooking onboard is quite a different challenge to your kitchen back home.

REMEMBER - You need to let us know in advance if you're allergic to seafood, fish or shellfish, and/or any other kinds of food.

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