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Environment & Local Community


Our Policy

We support and promote the operation of a sustainable, environmentally sensitive enterprise and insist on a 'Take only photos, leave only footprints' approach to our trips. In order to maintain and preserve, and ideally facilitate the growth of the outstanding natural areas of the Bahamas. We run our programs to minimize any adverse impact on the environment and local community. We believe that through constant vigilance and innovative thinking, future generations can continue to enjoy the environment of the Bahamas just as we do.


In addition to our focus on sailing, which carries an extremely low impact, in preference to using engine power, we're constantly looking for other ways to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint and any adverse presence in the Bahamas. Such initiatives include the option of using less harmful marine products or antifouls, more appropriate use of holding tanks and pumpouts and proper disposal of oil and other waste products.
Wherever possible we insist on the use of biodegradable personal hygiene and cleaning products. We encourage the use of solar power and solar based products. We insure all crewmembers snorkeling are fully briefed on appropriate conduct and protocol while at the reef, for the better protection of the coral, marine life and aquatic environment. Catch and release is regularly practiced as is the strict observance of restricted fishing areas, official seasons and bag limits for certain species such as crawfish and Grouper.
Our programs rely on minimal water usage, minimal power usage, trash recycling where possible and we regularly encourage small cleanups of local beaches by youth participating in our programs.

Local Community

Wherever possible we buy all our services and produce from local suppliers. We use the services of numerous local providers ourselves and also generate substantial business for these suppliers from the hundreds of tourists we bring to the islands. Some of these businesses include Dive Schools and outfitters, Sport fishing charterers, bakeries, restaurants and bars, grocery and liquor stores, fish markets, insurers, hardware and marine stores, gift and souvenir shops, marinas, golf cart/bicycle/kayak rentals, hotels/home rental providers, car rental, boatyards, taxis, airlines, internet service providers, Batelco, Medical Services, a wide range of tourist attractions, ferry service, etc.

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