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Here are some of the 'unedited' testimonials we've received from people who have sailed with us. We hope this will help you appreciate what our programs offer, how our trips are structured and what they deliver in terms of growth, development and fulfillment opportunities. We run sailing trips for Families, Scouts, Students and Corporate groups so if you like what you read, contact us to discuss what sort of trip you want.

We can't show all our Testimonials at any one time due to loading time and space restrictions so we rotate these regularly in order to provide a balanced perspective. If you want to find out more about what previous families, Scout Troops or other groups thought of their trips, contact us and we'll either send you a copy of their feedback or put you in touch with them.

Leah Martin and friends"Our Scout troop sailed and snorkeled with Sail School Bahamas and we have nothing but praise for how the trip went. Captains Charles and Ken were fantastic and the experience was beyond anything we had expected. The food was superb and the week was nothing less than fabulous. We would highly recommend Sail School Bahamas for any adventure you are contemplating."

Joe Becker
Troop 186
Rochester, MN

Leah Martin and friends"Capt. Charles,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for an awesome trip and to showing us your beautiful turquoise blue world. We have been super busy...with new building and house renovations after a flooded first floor from a running toilet!! I just have the worst luck with toilets!!!..if you remember :). Here is a little video summary of the trip. Keep your sails full! "

Mark and Kim

Leah Martin and friends"My family had such an amazing time the first time we visited in 2013 my husband and I decided to charter with Sail School Bahamas again in 2015. This visit was wonderful too. It was great to be on Skoal again and of course it was great to see Captain Charles again too. We want to own our own boat one day and we feel that the instruction and knowledge Captain Charles shares with us is invaluable..Not to mention, his pressure cooked chocolate molten pots..Mmm


Marianne Falk & Family

Leah Martin and friends" As the Adviser for Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew 2286, I have helped plan several great high adventure outings for our youth over the past 11 years including treks to Switzerland, Germany, Costa Rica, and the American southwest. We have truly set a high bar for fun and adventure. Our Sail School Bahamas voyages have consistently exceeded our expectations. We first reached out to the Sail School Bahamas team in 2012 chartering two ships. We were looking for more flexibility and input in planning our adventure and Sail School did not disappoint. We were truly able to customize our experience. It is no surprise that we returned in 2015 and with the great word of mouth from our youth our return trip grew to 6 ships over two weeks. We even increased our level of adventure adding scuba diving to our experience. Once again Sail School Bahamas provided an outstanding experience for both youth and adults. Each of their Captains were highly skilled, helpful, and truly connected with our youth. Their knowledge of the Abaco islands allowed us to get the most out of every stop. From great meals to snorkeling, fishing, and exploring, everyone went home satisfied. If you are looking for an amazing Caribbean adventure check out the Abaco Islands and let Sail School make it easy."

Tim Bodendistel
Lenexa, Kansas

Leah Martin and friends" Best Adventure Ever! Consider Sail School Bahamas
In the Bahamas, it’s more beautiful than you can imagine. It’s no wonder the beaches are rated as some of the top in the world by National Geographic. And you get to experience it all in your own boat with a knowledgeable captain with world-wide experiences to share. Sail School Bahamas knows just how to tailor your program to meet your Crew’s unique sense of adventure. There are endless opportunities - all on an ever relaxing “Island Time” in the beautiful waters and islands. Not only did we serve as a crew for sailing the boat, we were able to swim with the barracudas, snorkel, dive off the boat, and shop with the locals and tour the landmarks. We even got to visit the famous “Lola,” well known for her fabulous cinnamon rolls, each hand made with care just for Scouts. Every day on the boat we enjoyed truly amazing fine dining, including lobster, steak, key lime pie, and the Captain’s own signature “Chocolate Molten Pots.” Each sunrise began with French pressed coffee. During our week, the captain challenged each of us to learn something new and to be a responsible member of our crew. “Proper English” was expected at all times. Amidst the beauty, interesting boat conversations and a wide variety of unique and humorous situations were everyday events. Your adventure awaits you! Consider Sail School Bahamas for an outstanding once-in-a-lifetime grand experience! "

Peggy Scholberg - 2014
Committee Chair
Venture Crew 1776
Apple Valley, MN

Leah Martin and friends" Wow, how to start this testimonial. I have been an experiential educator for 25 plus years and can honestly say our week with Captain Charles and Sail School Bahamas was one of the most impactful learning venues I have ever participated in. Not only was I changed as an educator, but it also had a profound impact on our students. It would be impossible to separate out all the specifics that made it special. Was it the Sea of Abaco, the sailing environment, teamwork or Capt. Charles's hospitality, wise input and incredible patience. Yes, it was all of the above. So to close if you are skeptical and think this testimonial is just made up, I have included my contact information, feel free to get in touch with me and I can answer any questions you have"

Expedition Crew - 2014 - Toccoa Falls, GA

Ernie DeWitt --Father Time--
Instructor of Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Medicine.
Toccoa Falls College
706-886-6831 Ext. 1235

Leah Martin and friendsDecember, 2013

"My husband and I long for the live aboard cruising lifestyle. Choosing the right charter company was imperative, as we saved for three years to be able to take our "once in a lifetime" family vacation to learn to sail. We chose Sail School Bahamas for three reasons: great price, they cater to families, and they allow younger children. In retrospect, we made the best investment of our lives when we decided to go with Sail School Bahamas and learn to sail under Captain Charles. Everything about our trip was even better than we thought it would be and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Under Captain Charles's invaluable guidance we went from having zero experience to successfully sailing his boat, Skoal, around the Bahamas. Skoal was very comfortable for us to live in and to sail. Communication with our captain prior to our trip was excellent and by the time I met him in person I felt like we were old friends. Our bashful nine year old befriended him almost immediately and he was great about being engaged with her as much as he was with us adults. We had no set itinerary and we were able to sail as much or as little as we liked and stop at islands or snorkel as often as we wanted. Every meal that we had aboard was prepared by our captain and each was mouth-watering delicious. One night he even made special chocolate molten pot deserts complete with candles to celebrate our daughter's 9th birthday. I am certain she will not soon forget it.

One would be hard pressed to find a better instructor and a more hospitable host. Captain Charles was more than patient while teaching us, is great fun to hang out with, and he is a fantastic cook!! By the end of our week-long trip I felt confident in our sailing abilities and as an added bonus we've made a new friend. Thanks for everything Capt, we had a blast sailing with you!!"

Marianne Falk and Family - 2013, - Fayetteville, AK

Kimberley Shield " This was our Troop/Crew's third trip to the Bahamas. The first two trips were with Sea Base but we needed more flexibility this time around and chose Sail School Bahamas. We could not have made a better choice! The information provided by the website and Brian made it very easy to book and plan the trip. The crew and leader checklists made it easy for the group to plan, pack and prepare for the trip.

We split into two groups - one boat for the Venturing Crew and one for the Troop. Our Captain's were fantastic and a perfect fit for each of our groups. Almost all of the scouts had sailing experience but learning to sail the larger boats was a great experience. We wanted to focus on snorkeling and diving and Sail School Bahamas was able to organize a Discover SCUBA program for us as well as a 2nd day dive. The snorkeling was great and everyone enjoyed the reefs as well as just puttering around the boats looking for conch. When we were not sailing or snorkeling, we were exploring the islands and picture perfect beaches.

The adults who had done the Sea Base programs in the past liked having the two groups as it provided the youth with more hands on opportunities and a chance to race against our sister boat.

This trip was as much a vacation as a great learning experience for the scouts. Since we've returned all I've heard is when are we going again! "

Kimberley Shield - 2011 - Adult Leader, Venturing Crew 405/Troop 405, Georgetown, TX

Geoff Jue " Our week at Sail School Bahamas was best characterized by our scouts as the "trip of a lifetime!" Brian help make the entire process from planning to booking to preparation very easy and efficient, while the actual trip was chalked full of firsts and continuous learning. Sail School Bahamas is differentiated from all other Scouting High Adventures with their deliberate focus on instruction and attention to details. Their boats have a small ratio of scouts to captain which enhances the scouts' opportunities to experience all aspects of sailing and crew duties. Great care was taken by the school's captains to ensure our boys could sail a 40' and 44' boat, work effectively as a team, cook, clean and care for our new home for the week. They learned how to read the wind and water, tie key sailing knots, handle themselves safely in the water, and interact effectively with the native Bahamians. Besides 4-5 hours a day of sailing instruction, our scouts enjoyed hours of snorkeling, scuba diving, visiting historic sites on-shore, sleeping under the stars on deck, and the camaraderie of working together as a crew. The food selection was excellent and plentiful and varied from steaks, grouper, spaghetti, to hamburgers - all prepared by our scouts on the boats. I highly recommend Sail School Bahamas to anyone who is looking for an extraordinary High Adventure in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet."

Geoff Jue - Asst Scoutmaster, Boy ScoutTroop 426, Minnetonka Aug 2, 2011

Richard Zanetti " The week was excellent. Several of our scouts had not snorkeled before this trip. I told them how lucky they were to have this be their first experience. The reefs were so vast and beautiful it will be hard for anyplace to top this experience.The boys had a great time camping on the boat. We were the third crew from Troop 451 to attend Sail School Bahamas, so the boys were comparing stories with one of the older scouts. It seems that the memories get stronger as time goes on. I strongly recommended to all of the younger scouts of 451 to plan on making this SSB experience part of their scouting adventure. I even volunteered to take them when they are ready. Thanks again to you and your staff for a memorable week. "

Richard Zanetti - 2011 - Adult Leader, Troop 451, Parkton, MD

Leah Martin and friends" We and several friends were looking for a fun way to learn sailing along with an adventure, and we found it with Sail School Bahamas! They are very friendly and helpful (they even provided alternative meal options for vegetarians). Between the website and the quick email replies, we were very prepared for traveling and sailing. And the actual trip was amazing! We sailed, swam at the beach, snorkeled, scubadived, and explored the Abacos islands. Plus we were learning sailing all along the way! If you're looking for a great way to learn sailing and a fun vacation, we recommend Sail School Bahamas. Oh, and bring plenty of sunscreen!

Thanks SSB! "

Leah, David, Ben, Cassie, Farah, and Katie - Ann Arbor, MI

Rhona Reynolds and Family" I want to start by saying Abaco is one of the most beautiful places on earth;endless white beaches, crystal clear waters, remote islands, swaying palm trees and above all, the lack of cruise ships and few tourists, make it the perfect vacation destination for any family.

We are always looking for fun family adventures, usually a bit off the beaten track and with some hope of learning new things and letting our children discover a bit more about the world and themselves. In my opinion, a Sail School vacation definitely fits the bill. This was our second trip with Sail School; our first was back in 2008. Our children were older this time (11 and 14 yrs old) so they were really able to benefit from the excellent sailing instruction and by the end of the week we were able to sail the boat by ourselves, although our Captain was always at hand to help out!

Our trip went by so quickly but we seemed to fit in so much that's it's difficult to mention everything here. The highlights for us were obviously learning to sail and flying along (as they say in the sailing world - 'close hauled') past the most picturesque islands, snorkeling at the various reef sites, the coral and sea life are just exquisite and the water is so crystal clear, I never felt anxious about us getting in! We loved visiting all the different islands and learning about the history and culture (the locals are so friendly and eager to chat!), most islands have nice restaurants, beach bars and swimming pools so we were able to fit in plenty of chill out time too. In fact, the pace of the trip was just right; our Captain gave us several options for each day and let us decide what we wanted to do. Having a professional Captain guide us through the week was invaluable; we couldn't have had this amazing experience without him. He was a patient teacher and always willing to share his knowledge of sailing and the various islands.

If you're a typical Mom like me, one of my main concerns was safety. While onboard, our Captain made sure we handled ropes correctly, kept hydrated and reapplied sun block often and he kept up with these helpful reminders throughout the trip. We keep recommending this trip to everyone we know and are planning a third trip in another year or two - we have fallen in love with sailing! Being on the water, away from the stresses of everyday life, getting away from it all and having quality family time makes this the perfect adventure vacation for families. Thanks from all of us. "

Rhona Reynolds and Family - 2010, Atlanta, GA

Sea Scout Ship 1176"Thank you for your outstanding instruction, direction and support to Sea Scout Ship 1176, Boy Scouts of America, National Capital Area Council, on our Long Cruise (High Adventure) 2009, June 28th to July 5th 2009. Your Course in ‘Advanced Sailing’ was superb for our Sea Scouts who were already skilled in basic sailing. Your instruction and hands-on experience took our Sea Scouts to a new level of sailing experience and competence in sail trim, advanced sail configuration, ship handling, navigation, ground tackle use under sail, and severe weather sailing. The mess and food were expertly and deliciously supervised by the First Mate. Adventures ashore on the Abaco Cays and snorkeling on the reefs added variety and fun to the adventure."

Adair Petty - Skipper, Sea Scout Ship 1176

Boy Scout Troop 246, Brookfield, WI"We had a wonderful time sailing with Sail School Bahamas. I had sailed with our troop four years ago with Sea Base and had intended on repeating the trip. Sea Base was booked so I followed up on a flyer for Sail School Bahamas that had been distributed through our Council. It couldn’t have worked out better! Not only did the scouts and leaders have a great time, we learned to sail, learned about the Bahamas, the sea environment, snorkeling and truly bonded as a group. The captain and first mate were wonderful ambassadors, hosts, teachers and the curriculum was much more thorough than Sea Base. The sail boat was very ideally suited for our group and was a blast to sail. The itinerary was well planned yet flexible; the food was fantastic (always important). The trip had a perfect balance of learning, team work, challenge and fun all in an extremely safe environment. I have two more sons that are 11 and 13 and will certainly return when they are ready. I recommend this trip to any group that is looking for a special high adventure trip that creates lifelong memories."

Mike Reiels - Scoutmaster Troop 246, Brookfield, WI

Fay Bragg"August 28, 2010
Dear Sail School Bahamas,

Thank you very much. You did an incredible job. Not only was our sailing week educational but it was also fun. Your beginner's course gave all of us a really good base upon which to build.
It was a pleasure to have our teachers onboard. They were great! It is a testament to their teaching skills and patience that we came away with as much knowledge as we did as well as feeling so positively about the whole experience. It still amazes me when I think that in six days not once did either of them lose patience - very impressive!!

As I look back on our week, I realize how many memories I came away with - not only to do with sailing but also to do with family. Given the distance between my brother's family and mine, it is rare to manage family "get togethers". This trip was a wonderful way to build memories (sailing, snorkeling, diving, walking the islands, cooking, laughing, sweating, enjoying that hot shower…) and bond. On our flight back to the mainland, upon discussion, we all agreed, you gave us a superb and memorable family vacation. We couldn't have asked for better company, instruction, activities or weather. On behalf of all six of us, thank you."

Sincerely and very fondly,

Fay Bragg

Boy Scout Troop 530, Centerville. OH"Our trip to ‘learn how to sail’ with Sail School Bahamas was everything we could have hoped. The pre-trip support was extensive and once we arrived we wasted no time at all in getting underway. By the end of the first day we had been snorkeling, taking our first sailing lessons and enjoying the spectacular scenery. We spent the rest of our trip either sailing around all the various islands, snorkeling on the reef or visiting some of the island settlements. We climbed the lighthouse in Hope Town, enjoyed awesome food onboard and made the most of our international High Adventure. Our program was action packed but our Captain tailored it to suit us and it was as flexible as we could have wished. We all learned how to sail, the boys matured individually and as a team, the trip represented excellent value for money and I know everyone in our group had a blast. On behalf of our Adult Leaders, we would have no hesitation in recommending Sail School Bahamas to any other Scouts or Venturers who want to experience the trip of a lifetime and we would love the chance to come back again."

Kurt Stueve - Trip Leader, Boy Scout Troop 530, Centerville. OH

Boy Scout Troop 952"I am an Assistant Scout Master with Troop 952 in Clear Lake, TX and lead a crew of 6 scouts on a High Adventure trip to the Bahamas over spring break this year. We spent a week sailing with Sail School Bahamas, and can highly recommend this program to other scout troops looking for a terrific high adventure trip.

We picked the Sail School Bahamas trip after completing Philmont in summer 2008, with 3 goals – safety, learning the elements of sailing and snorkeling and having FUN! In all three areas Sail School Bahamas exceeded all expectations. Our vessel was a pleasure to sail and all the equipment aboard was well maintained and organized. Throughout our time onboard the Captain and First Mate emphasized how the entire crew was responsible for the safety of vessel and incorporated safety drills into our daily routine. We were doing full man overboard drills by the end of the week! Our scouts learnt to sail with hands on lessons in boat handling, sail setting, navigation, reading the wind and weather and a dash of local history and culture. As a crew they took responsibility for setting a daily schedule, boat chores and working together as a team to set and handle sail. What really made the week memorable was the balance between the learning experiences and the fun of snorkeling on amazing coral reefs, conch hunting, fishing, beachcombing and poking around the varied and beautiful islands of the Abacos. The food was fresh and plentiful and everyone ate well. Our Captain and First Mate were fantastic guides to the best local sailing and spots ashore, and matched the interests and abilities of our scouts with activities that challenged and engaged them all. Sail School Bahamas made arranging and taking a group of scouts out of the country hassle free.

In summary we all had a great time, our scouts learnt the basics of sailing and snorkeling, and everyone came home safely. Since returning to Texas the tales of this trip are getting taller, and our younger scouts keep asking when they will have a chance to go to on a trip with Sail School Bahamas. I can highly recommend this trip and Sail School Bahamas to any group of scouts looking for a High Adventure trip that you will remember for a lifetime. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about our trip or Sail School Bahamas."

Respectfully yours,
Robert Armstrong

Robert Armstrong - Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 952, Clear Lake, TX

Boy Scout Troop 996, Alexandria, VA"What a GREAT experience. This was the "perfect" Spring Break adventure for our scouts. Usually during Spring Break we have a hard time having meetings and scheduling troop activities. However, this past spring a small group of our scouts (and adults) were able to go to the Bahamas for a great sailing adventure. This is the first crew we have sent to the Bahamas and without a doubt will not be the last. Our Hosts, Captain Brian and First Mate Catherine could not have been more accommodating and gracious. Their sailing experience, knowledge of The Abaco Islands and attention to safety at all times made this trip enjoyable from the start. From the very first day the scouts were amerced in sailing, snorkeling, history of the islands and life at sea. Whenever possible we will be going back to the Bahamas and sailing with SailSchool Bahamas.

All the scouts were able to complete all merit badge requirements for Small Boat Sailing with the exception of capsizing and righting the sailboat; thank goodness! They all learned how much goes into sailing including raising sails, navigation, tacking, what to do during different wind movements and weather, and how to read all the instrumentation. Each were able to be at the helm many times and as often as they liked. All the adults were also part of the crew and had to learn everything the scouts learned. Leadership and listening skills were honed and stressed to make sure they all understood how to effectively maneuver the boat. After sailing each day the crew was able to spend time snorkeling in the pristine waters of Abaco, do some swimming, visiting the small island towns of Abaco and enjoy the history and local laid back culture of the Bahamas. The crew also made time for a side excursion of scuba diving; an experience they will never forget. Other than the many hours of fantastic sailing this was one many highlights of the trip. We almost had to take a couple of Grouper home as pets. The people of Abaco are among the friendliest I have ever met. We were welcome at many motel pools when on land (just buy a drink please).

Finally, I want to personally thank the Captain and First Mate for one of the best High Adventure camps our troop has ever done. I knew it was going be a great trip even before we arrived. In all the correspondence in planning the trip, I was given all the information and advise the Troop could have possibly needed. Everything was just as advertised and more. As we were boarding the plane to go home my son asked "When are we coming back?" A sign of a truly enjoyable and memorable trip. The entire crew feels like we made new friends in the Bahamas. I was so impressed I am considering an adventure with the entire family. We can't wait to see you again.

From Troop 996 - Thanks for a great experience!"

Vinnie Accardi - Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 996, Alexandria, VA

Boy Scout Troop 342, Eden Prairie. MN"Our experience with Sail School Bahamas was one of great fulfillment. As adult leaders we found the crew to be professional, experienced, knowledgeable of the area, and above all safety conscious. The scouts learned hands-on how to sail – sail raising, sail movement, navigation, reading the wind and weather, how the boat functions. More importantly, the scouts honed leadership skills – taking instruction from the Captain, serving in the chain-of-command, working as a team to accomplish the tasks at hand, and honoring the adult leaders. The Scouts also learned the importance of listening to and understanding the commands given by the Captain and the First Mate as being essential in operating the boat effectively and efficiently and most importantly safely. It was stressed to them that if they did not understand a command- they were to ask questions to make sure that they did- and each needed to be able to perform their assigned tasks in order to accomplish the task at hand They also got to snorkel many reefs, fish, swim, beach comb, and sleep on the deck. During our shore excursions we experienced the local culture, did a little gift shopping, and saw many interesting landmarks, both natural and man-made. Not to mention the thrill for the scouts of leaving the country. The food was terrific and the weather great; even the rain was fun! We would highly recommend SSB for any group interested in experiencing the beauty of the Abaco Islands while on a learning adventure. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll always feel secure. The trip surpassed our expectations and was truly an enjoyable experience for all of us. Please feel free to contact anyone of us for additional feedback."

Peter McIver, Dave Londeen & Matt Kistler - Group Leaders, Boy Scout Troop 342, Eden Prairie. MN

Boy Scout Troop 304, Atlanta. GA"Our Sail School Bahamas trip exceeded my expectations in every regard. The trip provided a perfect balance of, systematic teaching of the skills for sailing, navigation of the local waters, respect for our environment, the day to day responsibilities of maintaining a sailboat and FUN! Each day provided a variety of adventures that were "hands on" growth experiences for all who participated, (including the Dads!) The sailboat and the environment that our Captain established are a safe environment for learning about sailing in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.
Within hours of leaving the Bahamas, the young men we took were asking about going back next year! "

Price Curtis - Group Leader, Boy Scout Troop 304, Atlanta. GA

Boy Scout Troop 229, Deerfield Beach. FL"I just wanted to thank Sail School Bahamas, and of course our Captain, for putting together such a great program for us. It was as much a vacation as it was a summer camp. The boys never had more fun at a summer camp, and quite honestly neither have I. Our Captain was a perfect fit for our scouts, just the right mix of coach, skipper, and new friend. The boys not only learned something about sailing but I believe they enjoyed the cultural exchanges just as much.

Your sailing program has just the right mix of structure and flexibility. We found that there was more to do than we could possibly get to in the time allotted. Our biggest problem was trying to decide what to leave out! There was an emphasis on learning to sail, but it was done in a way so that the scouts had fun. My experience is that when fun and learning are combined everyone has a great time. Throw in snorkeling and scuba diving and you wind up with an unsurpassed summer camp experience. As soon as our next group of scouts are old enough I’m confident you will see us again.

I know from my many years as a Scout leader there are two things which leaders want to know when summer camps are discussed, food and program, the latter which I covered above. We were very pleased with the variety and quantity of food found onboard our sailboat. As you can imagine scouts can sometimes be choosy about what they eat, but none of our boys had any trouble in finding enough to eat. The fresh fish was a real treat, and all the scouts consumed it with great enthusiasm. We also enjoyed exposing our Captain’s taste buds to a few twists and turns. He seemed to really enjoy the chocolate chip pancakes, the French toast with cinnamon and sugar, our rice pilaf, and vanilla pudding with “Nilla Vanilla Wafers”. The scouts found cooking while underway a new experience, and I have a new appreciation for cooking on a stove that is not moving about.

I would also like to commend you on the vessel. She was perfect for our trip, well maintained, safe, and a pleasure to sail. There was plenty of room for everyone, and no one felt crowded. Some of our scouts had expressed concerns with the idea of sleeping on deck, but they found it to be quite a pleasant experience, as did Bob and I. Two of our scouts were startled one night by the sound of dolphins surfacing by the boat, something we’ve never had happen at any of our land based camps. There is nothing more beautiful than a boat under sail and the sounds and sights of this trip will stay with our scouts long after they lose their “sea legs”.

Finally, on a personal note I want to express my gratitude for accurately portraying your program on your website. There were no surprises, and as a leader that helps to make a good experience for those of us responsible for the scouts. My week spent with Sail School Bahamas has renewed my interest in sailing, so don’t be surprised if one day you hear a call over the VHF from an old scoutmaster."

Ken Brighton - Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 229, Deerfield Beach. FL

Boy Scout Troop 117, Centennial. CO

"We had an outstanding time learning to sail in the Sea of Abaco. Booking the trip was easy, getting to the islands was straightforward and the pre-trip support and information from Sail School Bahamas was extremely helpful. The sailboats were fantastic and some of our boys said the food onboard was better than at home! Our crews had a fantastic time and we would love to come back again in the future."

George Fitzgerald - Group Leader, Boy Scout Troop 117, Centennial. CO


Boy Scout Troop 105 Schwenksville, PA"Just wanted to thank you for an amazing week. We had such a great time and the boys have not stopped talking about the trip. Also, thanks for putting some pictures of us on your site. Brian and Jimmy looked great sleeping on the deck. We looked pretty good going home in our new shirts, which were a nice gift. We gave you two recommendations before we even left the airport at Marsh Harbour. I gave a great report at our troop committee meeting on Thursday night. I think what impressed me most is that there was constant teaching and education. Even when we were not sailing we were constantly learning. Through stories, looking at charts, or tying knots, the education process was continuous and fun. You are both great natural teachers. I saw Paul Johnson, who is our high adventure chairman, and thanked him for the recommendation. We both agreed that we would recommend the program to future crews. We are already discussing Advanced Sail and Dive in 2009. We are sorting through hundreds of pictures and videos and will be creating a DVD to show to family, friends and the troop. I will try to get one to you. I will also provide the link to our troop site when we get some pictures posted. Hope the rest of your season goes well. I just looked at and it looks like nice weather and 10kt winds for your week ahead. Please feel free use this email on your site. Thanks again for a fantastic adventure."

George Lauderback - Asst. Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 105 Schwenksville, PA

Boy Scout Troop 111, Arlington, VA"We sent two crews to the Bahamas and they had a great time. In addition to learning how to sail as we traveled around the various islands of the Sea of Abaco, we all did some incredible snorkeling, fishing and shore trips.

Our Captains focussed on safety, they were professional and knowledgeable and helped us make the most of our trip. The pre-trip support from Sail School Bahamas was really great - Thanks! Booking was easy, getting there was straightforward and we highly recommend this High Adventure sailing trip to other Scouts!"

Barbara Feer - Group Leader, Boy Scout Troop 111, Arlington, VA

Boy Scout Troop 333, Mechanicsburg. PA
"If your Troop is looking for an alternative to SeaBase, this is the organization to book with! The Abacos is the place to visit to appreciate the real Islands of the Bahamas - the people are some of the friendliest you will ever meet and the scenery is second to none. Our Captain’s knowledge of the area and it’s history was very interesting and his vast knowledge of the best spots for snorkeling was great! The reef in the Abacos is better than Florida and the water cleaner to be able to enjoy it all. Sleeping on deck was more comfortable than I expected! The food was great and we had plenty to eat. This was a great experience for our Scouts to learn to sail."

Group Leaders - Boy Scout Troop 333, Mechanicsburg. PA


Boy Scout Troop 451, Parkton, MD
"What an awesome High Adventure for Scouts, this is the second crew our Troop has sent in 2 yrs! Booking was easy, getting there was simple and learning how to sail was fun! We certainly intend sending more crews to Sail School Bahamas and highly recommend their programs!"

George Nagle - Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 451, Parkton, MD

Boy Scout Troop 375, Virginia Beach. VA
"Our experience with Sail School Bahamas exceeded all expectations. The instruction was thorough, the food was sensational, and the sailing was terrific. The Captain and First Mate of our boat were both knowledgeable and apt at their craft. There was a good blend of sailing, snorkeling, and on-shore activities. The scouts practiced teamwork, did some serious cooking, and were able to experience international travel and US Customs. The sailing weather and water are beautiful. Our troop is eager to go back, and many are hoping to try the advanced sail and SCUBA week."

Mike Moore - Group Leader, Boy Scout Troop 375, Virginia Beach. VA

Boy Scout Troop 610, Valrico, Fl.

"A great High Adventure program! Professionally conducted, outstanding instruction in sailing, and FUN! Our Scouts had an unforgettable week, and they want to go again. Planning and scheduling was easy, we customized our own program, and the staff was terrific in their support both during our planning and throughout our stay!"

Earl Richardson - Committee Member, Boy Scout Troop 610, Valrico, Fl.

Boy Scout Troop 451, Parkton. MD"I have been approached by Sail School Bahamas, to provide a reference on behalf of this charter. This I am glad to do.

I was Scoutmaster/Group Leader for an outing to the Bahamas in the summer of 2006. Two other leaders & myself took six boys to Sail school. I am an analyst by profession, a long time Navy Reservist and have been around boats most of my life.

The sailing program started day one, the very first time we got underway. The boys were crew with the skipper and first mate in charge. After an initial safety brief, fundamentals of sailing and deck seamanship were taught. As crew under instruction, the boys raised sails, stowed gear and trimmed ship. Marlinspike seamanship (equipment and knots), were taught, while a few ‘sea stories’ were shared. Anchor watches were scheduled and coordinated when necessary. If there is an area in which you wish to concentrate, your Skipper will be glad to oblige. The program is thorough, yet flexible.

Equipment reliability was never in doubt. Our sailboat was a fine vessel that was fully equipped. Reliable radar, radio communications, auxiliary power and navigational instruments were always at the ready.

Safety was at a very high level at all times. Our craft was equipped with a large dinghy, capable of carrying several people. Man overboard drills, line safety precautions and general boat/water safety were taught on a recurring basis throughout the week. Weather is very changeable in the Bahamas. In the morning, everyone monitored the weather forecast, we decided on our course and destination for the day and the weather was regularly monitored after that.

The fact that troop 451 is returning to Sail School this summer (a new leader & group) will further serve to emphasize my endorsement of Sail School Bahamas. In short, we had a great time and I would most certainly trust our Skipper & his First Mate to provide a quality, safe & educational experience for your group."

Wayne Gordon - Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 451, Parkton. MD

Boy Scout Troop 342, Eden Prairie. MN"It is with our most sincere thanks and kindest regards that we send this message to you and the rest of the Sail School Bahamas Team. On behalf of the Troop 342 Leadership Team (especially Dave, Leslie and myself) Thank you for the outstanding sailing and high adventure experience. Without a doubt, the Sail School team exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable.

Having such a large crew (32- scouts & adults) was a bit of concern for us. Without a doubt though, you and your team handled it famously. Pre-trip communications, planning, and coordination were timely and well organized. The sailing instruction was top notch; the opportunities for hands on skills development were endless, the food was great, the menu flexible and last, but certainly not least, the itinerary was the perfect mix of high adventure and flexibility - Sailing, Snorkeling, Scuba and Sightseeing.

You know you have a good program going when the scouts and adults from every other boat will brag and tell you why “their boat” and “their captain” were the best. Everyone raved about their sailing experience and had an absolutely wonderful time.

In addition to the outstanding sailing program, you are wonderful hosts and outstanding ambassadors for the greater Abaco Islands & Cay area. We all had a wonderful time learning about local culture, listening to your stories, learning about the legends, the facts, and the fiction and without a doubt, your Scottish (pr: Sco…ish) heritage.

Your program is by far superior to any other program we’ve encountered and we would highly recommend your program to any scouting unit or group that is interested in learning how to sail. In fact, in two weeks I will be the guest speaker at a parent meeting for another local scouting group that has booked with you. Forty-five minutes just won’t be enough time to tell them what a great program and time they’re going to have!

Once again, on behalf of Dave, Leslie and me, “Thank you” for putting on such a fantastic Sailing Program. We will see you again in two years – until then, we wish you health, happiness and great success"

George Most, Dave Londeen, Leslie Severtson - Asst. Scoutmasters Boy Scout Troop 342, Eden Prairie. MN

Boy Scout Troop 298, Atlanta. GA"Learning to sail in the Bahamas, what could be a better High Adventure for a group of Scouts? We just returned from an awesome sailing trip with Sail School Bahamas, everyone in our group came home with great memories and I’d really recommend this organization and their programs to other Scoutmasters. This area of the Bahamas is beautiful and perfect for teaching Scouts to sail.

Once we got there our trip couldn't have gone more smoothly. Organization was excellent with the boys allocating all the tasks onboard, food was outstanding and the sailboat was ideal for our group. Everyone learned the skills involved in sailing, at the same time this was challenging and rewarding. The instruction for our crew was superb and progressed at a flexible pace to match our enthusiasm and interest while providing the variety of program needed to keep us busy. As we traveled from island to island we enjoyed great snorkeling, sightseeing, fishing and exploring. We also experienced Scuba Diving as well as a successful offshore fishing trip. Our safety was always the first consideration with responsibility, Scout Values and teambuilding at the core of our activities. The Scouts and our Adult Leaders also learned several other skills including navigation, ropework, local history, etc. It was a very successful overseas trip for our Scouts providing an appreciation of living onboard a sailboat, Caribbean culture and island life while developing valuable life skills and abilities. June 2010."

Fred Assaf - Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 298, Atlanta. GA

Doug and Carla McBain

" Our Venturing Crew had a great week sailing, snorkeling, swimming, and exploring the Cays. We highly recommend the experience and Sail School Bahamas. "

Doug and Carla McBain - Crew 2729, Wadsworth, OH

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